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Engagement Shoot at The Old Mill in North Little Rock

On a cold January afternoon, we had the pleasure of being Tristan and Vanessa’s engagement photographers at The Old Mill in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

There’s something truly unique about photoshoots in the winter—the crisp air, the soft, diffused light, and in this case, the stunning backdrop of The Old Mill that added an enchanting ambiance to every photo.

Meet Tristan & Vanessa

Both from out of state, their love story brought them together in Arkansas and began at their church. When we first met them, it was immediately evident that these two weren’t just in love; they were best friends.

They chose The Old Mill for their engagement photos, aiming for a mix of casual and formal shots.

photo of engaged couple at the old mill in north little rock arkansas

Highlights from the Shoot

By the Water

Starting by the water, we were delighted by the unexpected appearance of a duck, which added a spontaneous charm to the session.

At the Mill

Moving on to the Mill itself, we captured some of our favorite photos of the day. The rustic setting, combined with Tristan and Vanessa’s natural chemistry, resulted in truly captivating images.

Wrapping Up

As the afternoon grew on and the air grew chillier, we wrapped up this half of our session and headed to the 2nd location, which you can read about in Part 2.

Why We Love What We Do

This shoot wasn’t just about taking beautiful photos. It was about documenting a chapter of Tristan and Vanessa’s love story. We highlighted their connection and the joy they find in each other’s company.

We’re always excited to share our work and the stories of the couples we photograph and we believe these images speak for themselves. 

Tristan and Vanessa’s engagement photos at The Old Mill are a window into their love story.

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The Next Chapter

Interested in seeing more from Tristan and Vanessa’s engagement shoot? Part 2 at the Old State House Museum is up on our blog. Stay tuned for posts from Vanessa’s bridal photography session and their wedding!

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