Part 2 of Tristan & Vanessa’s engagement photoshoot.

Following Part One at The Old Mill, the journey continued across the river in Little Rock.

This time, the location was the historic Old State House Museum. This landmark, steeped in Arkansas’s rich history, offered a different atmosphere for Part 2 of their engagement shoot.

photo of engaged couple dressed up, x at each other inside.

A Change of Scenery and Wardrobe

The Old State House Museum: When we got to the Old State House, Tristan and Vanessa slipped into different outfits. They wanted to take advantage of the new location and opted for an outfit change. We typically offer one outfit change during engagement sessions, if time permits.

Inside the Old State House

Soft and Warm

We began our session inside, where the soft, natural lighting and the much-appreciated warmth set the perfect stage for intimate portraits.

The Staircases

We then used direct flash while on the large natural wood staircases. which created dynamic and striking visuals.

The Main Hallway

We then captured some moody shots in the main hallway. We made full use of the architectural beauty of the Old State House.

Embracing the Golden Hour

Outdoor Splendor

Moving outside, we took advantage of the golden hour light. This allowed the natural glow to enhance the romantic and tender moments shared between the couple.

A Perfect Conclusion

The shoot culminated in front of the Old State House with a timeless dip and kiss.

This engagement photoshoot was not just about capturing beautiful moments; it was about telling a story.

As we moved from the rustic charm of The Old Mill to the historical elegance of the Old State House, we aimed to capture the essence of their relationship in each setting.

photo of couple kissing in front of the old state house museum in Little Rock

Your Story Through Our Lens

We are passionate about documenting the unique stories of each couple we work with. Whether it’s a serene winter afternoon or the golden glow of sunset, we strive to capture the beauty of every moment

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Curious about the beginning of Tristan and Vanessa’s engagement journey? Part 1 of their engagement shoot at The Old Mill beautifully sets the stage for this continued celebration of love.

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