photo of bride smiling at her groom during their elopement ceremony

Greenhouse Elopement at The Reserve at Hot Springs

Last November we captured an elopement at the beautiful Reserve at Hot Springs, in Hot Springs, Arkansas. This day was nothing short of amazing and we’re so excited to share it with you.

An Afternoon of Anticipation and Beauty

Our afternoon at The Reserve at Hot Springs began with capturing the essence of this enchanting venue. As the couple finished preparing in their rooms, we went around capturing the beautiful architecture and grounds of The Reserve. The tranquility of the day, coupled with the anticipation of the hours ahead, set a perfect scene for our photography.

Capturing the Couple Together

Before diving into the solo sessions with the bride and groom, we captured the couple together as they basked in the anticipation. This session was about encapsulating the essence of their relationship in the serene ambiance of The Reserve at Hot Springs.

Pre-Ceremony Moments

Haven with the Bride

After we took some photos together, we decided we would take our bride & groom solo pictures. We like to do this on wedding days because we know our brides and grooms are more comfortable one-on-one with us.

Haven took the bride and highlighted her radiant beauty. Through the lens, she captured the intricate details of her hair and dress, alongside classic bridal poses that reflected her joy and excitement. The intimate moments of anticipation were frozen in time, showcasing the bride’s elegance and the thoughtful details that made her look complete.

David with the Groom

While Haven did that, David focused on the groom, capturing his preparations and the calm before the ceremony. He captured some classic groom’s poses and a few candid moments were photographed, too. He wanted to emphasize the anticipation that was brimming inside the groom.

When we split up and let our couples be one-on-one with their photographer, this model of photography sessions allows us to document the couple’s journeys as they prepare to unite.

Reuniting the Bride and Groom

When we reunited David captured this quick look that the bride gave her soon-to-be husband. It’s the little moments like this that could get lost in the hustle of the day. No matter what, we’re on our A game, working hard for our couples.

More Photos of the Bride and Groom Together

We then moved on to more couples photos before making our way to the ceremony location. The grounds of The Reserve provided a picturesque backdrop for these moments together, with every smile and tender look speaking volumes of their love and commitment.

Journey to the Greenhouse

With hearts full of excitement, we walked with the couple towards the greenhouse, the chosen site for their intimate ceremony. This journey, filled with laughter and shared looks, was a testament to their love and the beautiful path they were about to embark on together.

The Ceremony: A Union of Souls

The ceremony outside the greenhouse was nothing short of magical. Even though it was devoid of greenery, the serene ambiance of The Reserve was beyond amazing for this ceremony. The couple exchanged vows that were deeply personal and heartfelt. The pastor’s prayer and blessing added a sacred touch to their union, moving everyone present.

Handwritten Vows

During the ceremony, the couple opted to exchange handwritten, personal vows rather than a pre-determined set of vows. This made for a beautiful, personal moment between the bride and groom that brought tears to the eyes.

Celebrating Love

After the ceremony, the celebration began with the cake cutting and a champagne toast, marking the start of new beginnings.

The First Dance

As the evening progressed, the couple’s first dance under the sunset sky was a moment of pure joy and celebration, perfectly concluding the day’s festivities.

Reflections on a Day to Remember

Capturing this greenhouse elopement at The Reserve was an unforgettable experience. The beauty of the venue, combined with the genuine emotions and love shared, made this elopement a true celebration of love. As photographers, we were honored to document such a beautiful chapter in the couple’s life.

Final Thoughts

Eloping in Hot Springs, especially at The Reserve, is a dream come true for couples seeking an intimate and memorable way to say “I do.” As we sign off on this beautiful day, we’re reminded of the power of love to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

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